• School Resource Officer Guidelines

    The School Resource Officer is a sworn deputy for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office. The SRO must enforce all federal, state, and local laws, and perform the duties they swore to uphold. The SRO works for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office under the guidelines set forth by the Lauderdale County Commission, the Lauderdale County Board of Education, and the Superintendent.

    If incidents arise or problems occur at a school during a time when the SRO is not scheduled, they should be referred to the Superintendent's Office. The Superintendent will ask for the SRO's assistance or follow the safety guidelines. The SRO will dress casually with weapons, handcuffs, identification, and any other equipment deemed necessary to perform the deputy function. The SRO will wear full uniform when appropriate, such as sporting events, dances, and whenever the SRO feels the need to reaffirm their roles as law enforcement officers.

    If the principal believes an incident is a violation of the law, he shall contact the SRO who shall determine whether law enforcement action is appropriate. The SRO can be present during a disciplinarian act by the administration if requested by the administration.

    The SRO is a resource for students who provide opportunities for a positive association with a law enforcement figure in their environment.

    The SRO . . .

    • Abides by the Lauderdale County Board of Education policies
      • Responsive to the chain of command of the law enforcement agency in all matters relating to employment and supervision
      • Follows all the Board of Education policies concerning any formal investigation interviews on a school campus with students or staff
      • Notifies the school principal about any law enforcement activity undertaken on the school campus (as soon as is practical)
      • Coordinates with the principal and Superintendent any unannounced visits by other law enforcement officials to search for alcohol, drugs, weapons, or other banned substances
      • Acts as a liaison with law enforcement agencies and provides those agencies with basic information concerning students on campuses
      • Promotes citizen awareness of law enforcement efforts, assures the peaceful operation of school-related programs, and builds support with students, other SROs
    • Works collaboratively with schools and principals 
      • Consults with and coordinates school activities or new programs through the school principal
      • Available to the school faculty and students to present law enforcement information
      • Does not act as a school disciplinarian
      • Takes appropriate law enforcement action against intruders and unwanted guests who appear during regular school hours or during extracurricular activities at school-related functions
      • Schedules conferences with students, parents, and faculty members to assist them with any problems
      • Refers students and/ or families to the school counselor(s) and to the appropriate agencies for assistance when a need is determined, such as mental health centers, drug treatment centers, etc.
      • Participates in or attends school functions
      • Coordinates with the principal for additional security personnel
      • Develops routines and schedules for good time management within the



    SRO Underwood




  • Brooks Elementary
  • Brooks High
  • Wilson School
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