1. Background check, fingerprint, and the I-9 form must be filled out for any type of substitute.

    Background Check and Fingerprint Requirements --Click Here

    I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

    (Applicants must pay the fee for the background check.) Take the receipt to the location indicated to get your fingerprints completed. Bring the paperwork to us showing you have your fingerprints completed.

    2. Sub-Application Forms - Select the links below.

    Teacher- ALL substitute teacher applicants MUST attend a substitute teacher orientation session before being allowed to work.  

    Nurse, Cafeteria, Custodian, and Bus Driver

    * Please make sure forms are NOT printed on the front and back. All forms need to be printed on single pages. 

    Click on the Substitute Application link and fill out all the blanks indicated. Print the application and sign and date it in black ink.

    If you do not have access to the internet, you may obtain a copy of the Alabama State Department's substitute application at the Lauderdale County Schools' office.

    Items to bring to the Central Office:

    Receipt showing background completed.

    1. $38.00 money order OR cashier's check 
    2. Substitute applications (Local & State)
    3. Proof of graduation from high school or GED such as a diploma or paperwork showing completion of GED.
    4. Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
    5. Copy of your driver's license or other picture ID and Social Security Card.

    (Exception: If you are only applying to substitute for nurse, lunchroom, secretary, or custodian, you DO NOT have to complete a STATE application, or bring proof of graduation, GED, or diploma.)